Welcome to My Birdroom.

My name is David McCool.

I live outside a small town in Northern Ireland.

The town near to where i live, is where i grew up, watching and learning all about birds from my father and grandfather,

spending hours in their bird rooms and out in the fields watching them.

Today i now have a good stud of top quality colour canaries, mostly clear reds,

with working on a line of red ivories and red Isabels

In the past i had in my Birdroom a selection of native birds mules and hybrids


2019 update

Thanks for calling into my Birdroom hope you enjoy. i will be adding future updates for you to look at.

At the top of the page you will see more click here it will take you to other pages and my guest book, please sign it when you had a look around Thanks David 

A Few of my selected birds for 2019

Cocks will be placed in breeding cages long before pairing up. All hens are still in flights.

These are four young birds i bred from past seasons, these birds done really well for me on the show bench taking many top awards.

Now in 2015 i have a new line of birds in which i am currently on.

Sometimes we have to change the bloodline of the stock in order to be competitive on the show scene as other breeders around are constantly improving. 

Above Myself with a few show winners at a local CBS, also a photo taken while Judging another colour canary show.

This bird is One of my 2020 bred goldfinch mules