2021. Canary breeding

Like every year i am looking forward to see what the new season produces.

This year as always i will be working with the best quality Clear reds and Red Isabels i have selected from past breeding seasons.

In my Outdoor Aviary i also will be breeding some native Finches.

Cages washed in ready for breeding season 2021.

Cocks in cages with wire dividers to hens nesting site. My hens are still in flights until the cocks come into more breeding conditition.

The birds on the right  are a few i have selected for breeding with in 2021.

i am working on a line of red Isabels.

Clear reds i have always kept and always trying to move forward and keep good clean quality birds in my birdroom.

For the 21 season i will be working with some colour mutation Siskins and Redpolls.

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My Birds for 2021.
Below are some birds i have selected for my 2021 season.
This year i will have clear reds, red ivories and Red Isabels.