Canary Room

February 15 and still loads of work to be done,
i now have my Cock birds put into single cages as they have been wintered in the flight along with the hens, now they are starting to show signs of aggression towards all around it is time to separate them.
A few of my Non Intensive young birds from 2015 season,
        August 2015 and breeding season is finished 

Here are a few of my young still going though the moult.
This year i have taken a new approach to my breeding system, i had started with 5 breeding pairs, doing this has made my routine very pleasurable and a treat to manage. with having fewer pairs i was able to concentrate on everything that was going on, even down to keeping my nest sites mite free, i was able to renew /wash/and treat all nest pans on a regular basis,s just before the eggs where due to hatch i removed all the nest pans [this year i had external nests] all frame and nest pans where completely renewed and the used pans washed and powdered ready for again,, the same was done when the young where being rung and again just before the chicks where ready to jump nest.
This system has kept me mite free.
From 4 pairs i have reared 25 healthy young..

Davids Birdroom,

You are welcome to visit my Birdroom, 
2015 will hopefully see me back with my Clear reds,
As you can see a few changes have been made to my Bird room for 2015, hopefully i can produce some top Class young birds from the incoming breeding season.
Please call back to keep up with my progress.

My Birdroom is 20ft x 15

it was originally divided into two with a stud wall, this was to keep my British and Canaries in separate rooms.

In recent years i had taken up Racing Pigeons, so my small birds had taken a second role. Unfortunately i had to leave the pigeon fancy due to ill health.

So as a result i have put ALL my interest solely back into my Number one fancy, The Colour Canary. 

Which for me is the clear/ tkd/ Var red Canary, of which i am a Full Panel Judge.

Beginning March 2015 and things are well on the way.

Cages have all been rearranged, walls and ceilings have been painted and a new light system has been installed, although with the stud wall away the south facing windows are now letting in a new life of light to the room. It is now much Brighter and fresher as the air can circulate through the room, 
My complete inside space is now 20ft x 15ft, i have also included a working island in the centre of the floor, this gives me an area to mix soft foods and prepare foods for my birds, plus an area to store bulk foods and show cages out of sight, keeping the room tidy.
Inside the room i also have a working sink with hot and cold water, giving me access to drinking water and hot water for cleaning, all i need now is to get my birds ready for the incoming breeding season.

Please call back for further updates